Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hi y'all - Finally we had a warm day in New Orleans! We spent the afternoon prepping for our trip to Jackson, Mississippi tomorrow night. We are heading to capital to visit the state archives and read the trial transcripts of the cases we are researching. We are hoping the transcripts will provide some missing information (such as lists of evidence and witnesses' testimonies) in the case files.

This is the crew (top: Erin, Bridgette, Reka, Madhuri - front: Virginia and Courtney) on the ferry from Algiers Point, where we are staying, to the French Quarter where the IPNO office is located. Today we visited the renown Cafe du Monde for some cafe au lait and beignets.

Driving outside the French Quarter the effects of Katrina were more visible. Besides running into another tent city of homeless people under an overpass, we drove through several neighborhoods where the number of abandoned, dilapidated houses and businesses far out numbered those that have been rebuilt, with occupants who have returned.

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